Dear Friends of the ButterBall-

We are deeply saddened at the recent passing of our friend Tori Barone on September 1, 2011. Since its inception, Tori was the heart and soul of the Butterball. Tori introduced each ButterBall by saying "Hi I'm Tori and welcome to my party!" and ended the evening with a heartfelt thanks to everyone for making that ButterBall "the best one ever". All those who had the good fortune to share her spirit, joy and love will grieve at her loss. Tori's grace left this world a better place and we are better people for having known her.

For more about Tori's life, her obituary can be read here.
Andy McCurdy has a gallery of Butterball photos featuring Tori here and there are many other BB photos here.  ~~


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