What to Expect at the ButterBall.

The ButterBall is a day of lighthearted, high-energy dancing! The twelve-hour event is made up of 4 consecutive contra dances with waltz breaks in between. Expect to connect with dance friends from up and down the eastern seaboard!

The ButterBall is held in the spacious ballroom of St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Church at 1009 Unruh Ave in NE Philadelphia. 

As you’ve come to expect, you will find twelve hours of contra dancing with four terrific bands and callers!  It's easily accessible, located just off I95. You'll find the ballroom floor gentle on your legs. (We ask that you wear only soft soled, non-marking shoes to protect this lovely floor. See our Shoe Policy for more information.) There are ample restroom facilities and plenty of safe on and off-street parking as well.

Though you are welcome to bring food, a concession stand will offer substantial meal choices as well as an assortment of snacks, fruits and drinks. There are also numerous restaurants near the event for sit-down dining. You may want to bring your own water bottle.

As with any extended dance event we recommend you bring several changes of clothing, extra socks and a towel. Fashionable 100% cotton T-shirts emblazoned with the catchy ButterBall logo will be on sale for $15 each. It's what all the best-dressed dancers will be wearing!

It's all the fun of Thanksgiving.... without all the relatives!