ButterBall Volunteer Options

As you can imagine it takes a lot of help to make a dance of this magnitude run smoothly.  If you would be willing to lend a hand, we would be most grateful.  Plus, volunteering can greatly reduce or eliminate your admission fee!

Do you like options?  Well, we’ve got ‘em!  We hope one of these will fit into your dancing schedule.

For those who want to dance all day and night long:
Set Up:  Arranging chairs and tables.  Putting up decorations.  Minor lifting for those who are able.
2 hours of volunteering for free admission.                                                    
Shift options: 9:30-11:30am or 10-noon.

Clean Up:  Putting away chairs and tables.  Taking down decorations.  Packing up.  Minimal lifting for those who are able.
1 hour of volunteering for free admission.                                                   
Shift Options:  11:30pm-12:30am or midnight to 1am

For those who like a break or two during the dance:
Admissions Table:  Take money.  Be friendly.  Sell T-shirts and CDs.
Choose one (1.5 hour) shift for half-price admission  
two shifts (3 hours total) for full admission
Shift Options:
11:30am-1pm,   1-2:30pm,   2:30-4pm,   4-5:30pm,   5:30-7pm,   7-8:30pm, 8:30-10pm,   10-11:30pm